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Before requesting a quote, it may be helpful to consider the information below. 

With our 40 years of expertise, we will guide your through the process and provide you with exceptional product! To request a quote, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Getting Started: Prototypes and Samples

Q: What do I need to get started? 

A: Send us a sketch, 2D drawing, 3D file, or 3D printed part.

The design is the first step in the process. We use it to create a sample of your original product. These prototypes also allow us to meet tight time constraints and trouble shoot before production. 

Tooling and Molding: New or Existing

Q: Can you use my existing tool? 

A: Forward your tooling file for our review and we will advise.

Our in-house mold-making expertise enables us to quickly review your needs and provide high-precision, cost-effective samples. The tool complexity, number of parts, and thickness all factor into the molding time and the curing phase. We can provide insight to shorten production cycles and improve final costs.

Product Specifications: Color and Hardness

Q: What range of hardness is available? 

A: 10 durometer (Shore A) up to 75 durometer.

Tell us about your product needs and its intended function, and we will determine the best material compatibility to enhance part durability and performance. 

Q: Are color choices limited? 

A: No, we can match any pigment.

Just advise the Pantone color number you want by reviewing the Pantone Matching System Color Chart.

Consultation Services

Customers have questions, and we have the answers, based on 40+ years of silicone molding experience and manufacturing management expertise. Quotes and guidance are always free to our customers. For requests involving substantial time commitments and extensive information, we also offer consulting services. Ask about our consultation fees and how it may be used towards an approved project within 90 days.*

Request a Quote

 Fill out the quote form below for an estimate. We will respond within 48 business hours. If you wish to talk to us sooner please call either one of us directly:

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SMT Quote Request

Silicone Molding Technologies : Estimate Form

Include the following information:

  • Part weight (grams or cu/in)
  • Durometer (Shore A) desired
  • Color or pigment required
  • Estimated Annual Usage (EAU)
  • Quantities to quote
  • Additional notes and questions
  • Sketch, 2D drawing, 3D file, or 3D printed part (send by fax or email )


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